Celebration Day / 18 February, 1-4pm, Cuming museum

LOTS OF FUN. And a big thank you to Olivia the storyteller who was telling tales of the origins of the E&C, Shahena who embellished everyone with beautiful henna painitings, Chiara, Beckie and Magda for helping with the craft works, everyone who took part and all at the Cuming museum for help and support on the day and throughout the project. Watch this space for photo portraits taken on the day in front of the wonderful backdrop drawing of E&C shopping cart  (thank you to Rebecca Davies for making it).

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Day 10 / Visiting the E&C and photographing the elephants

We were spotting the elephants in the E&C, shopping centre and around and found quite a few.


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Day 9 – Part 2 Castle making & decorating

We finished our castle just in time to be displayed and used on the Celebration day.


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Day 8 – Working the clay and planting cress, SRC nursery

We firstly planted cress seeds that we will observe to grow through the coming week or so. And afterwards moulded some pinch clay pots and dolls – they are yet to be glazed and made ready to be used.

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Day 7 / Building a Castle – Part 1 – Cuming museum

To tie in with the idea of Elephant&Castle and to make the castle for the elephant that we’ve made in one of our previous sessions we embarked on the making of the CASTLE. As we run out of time it is to be finished in one of future sessions at the museum and ready to be displayed and used at the Celebration day.

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Family Day / Cuming museum, 4 Feb 2012

It was busy on Saturday  – making portrait and self-portrait puppets, looking at different shadows these throw when projected with light, chatting and having fun.

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Day 6 / SRC nursery, building Friendship Den and sculpting animals

Friendship Den got renamed to Spiderman’s Den. The children worked hard at weaving it together and made some animal shaped objects from salty dough (still to be painted ) to be hung onto it. The idea behind the Den is to be a place where we go when we want some peace and quiet and also to make friends after an argument. The den has been constructed from re-cycled clothes, plastic bags etc. and will be embellished with items that the children will bring, make and decide to include.

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Day 5 / Cuming museum / Animal and flower puppet making

We revisited Royal Surrey gardens by talking about different animals that used to live there. We enquired whether Elephant&Castle got its name from  the princess who long time ago visited Elephant&Castle and left her elephant at the farm and her belongings at the Cuming museum (the story is slightly inspired by Queen Victoria’s visit to the Surrey gardens).

The children decided to make an elephant, a zebra and two flower giant puppets and subsequently moved them in front of the projector to explore their shadows.

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Animated dolls

Beatrice, Gabriella and Denzel took their dolls on a trip by car to the sea and dancing.

Adanaya talking about her doll

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